From: Andy

5:15 – 7 PM @ Robert Butler Lodge

Brothers after discussion with Worshipful Costello and getting his nod, I am proposing that – those that are interested- meet on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month at the Lodge for degree practice. I will make EVERY effort possible to attend as often as I can. I know we can’t all always make it but if we make a personal choice to TRY and attend as often as possible, we can and will make a difference for the positive. We can start as early as the first few arrive and work to 7.

Right now we probably need to work on FellowCraft as we have 7 EA brothers that will soon begin work in preparation to return their EA. I’ll ask for help from any brother that knows that degree well to help us prepare.

Again, as always this is completely voluntary, and I humbly ask that each and every one of you make an honest effort to attend whenever possible. We Have the very BEST group of men in this District and I hope we can come together to make US even better!